Enviro-Master Services Launches Transformative Enviro-Safe App

Next-Generation Monitoring System Elevates Safety Standards in Food Service and Healthcare

CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2024 / Enviro-Master, the nation’s premier health and safety franchise company, announces the launch of its innovative Enviro-Safe app, a cutting-edge technology tool designed to revolutionize temperature monitoring and hygiene practices in food service, healthcare, and other industries requiring stringent safety standards.

The Enviro-Safe app includes a cold storage monitoring system that ensures optimal temperature conditions for refrigerators and freezers, crucial for businesses handling perishable goods. With its advanced sensor technology, the app provides real-time alerts and data logging to prevent spoilage and ensure compliance with health regulations.

“The Enviro-Safe app’s temperature monitoring system is a game-changer for the industry,” says Dave Goodwin, Director of Technology Innovation at Enviro-Master. “Its ability to monitor conditions in real-time and provide immediate alerts is invaluable for businesses looking to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality.”

Benefits of Using the Enviro-Safe App

Health Code Compliance: By maintaining optimal temperature conditions and enabling immediate corrective actions, the app helps facilities avoid violations of health codes, which can result in fines or closures.

Sensor Capabilities: The system employs sensors capable of monitoring a wide range of temperatures. These include standard refrigerator and freezer temperatures, as well as ultra-low freezer temperatures reaching down to -80 °C. Such capability ensures that even the most sensitive products, requiring stringent temperature controls, are adequately monitored.

Data Logging: The sensors function as data loggers, recording temperature data to provide evidence that temperatures have remained within the safe and required ranges. This feature is invaluable for compliance and safety audits, offering proof of proper storage conditions over time.

Waste Reduction: The app’s alert system helps prevent spoilage of perishable goods due to temperature fluctuations. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to cost savings for the business.

Prevention of Equipment Misuse: The app can help identify instances where freezer or cooler doors are inadvertently left open, a common issue that can lead to temperature spikes and increased energy consumption. By addressing this, businesses can improve energy efficiency and prevent spoilage.

“Ensuring the integrity of perishable goods and sensitive medications in food service and healthcare facilities is as much about compliance as it is public safety,” adds Goodwin. “For healthcare facilities, where the proper storage of medications and vaccines is non-negotiable, the app provides peace of mind, ensuring that these critical items are maintained at the exact temperatures required for their efficacy.”

Innovative Paper Product Monitoring

Beyond temperature monitoring, Enviro-Master’s new line of paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers are specifically designed to accommodate sensors that connect to the Enviro-Safe app. This integration ensures seamless monitoring of paper product levels, signaling facility managers or staff when a refill is necessary.

Improved Hygiene: Ensures that paper towels and toilet tissue are always available and helps maintain cleanliness and user satisfaction in restrooms.

Efficiency: Automated alerts reduce the need for manual checks, allowing staff to focus on other tasks until a refill is needed.

Cost Management: By monitoring usage and refilling only when necessary, facilities can better manage supply costs and reduce waste.

A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Since its inception in 2009, businesses across North America have entrusted Enviro-Master with their health and safety needs. The company’s comprehensive suite of services includes the commercial restroom cleaning program, commercial tile and grout cleaning, drain treatment, and the unique Virus Vaporizer™ electrostatic spraying protection service. Enviro-Master also offers an exclusive line of restroom paper dispensers, along with paper restocking and hand sanitizer services.

“At Enviro-Master, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hygiene and safety solutions. The Enviro-Safe app sets us apart as a technology-forward company that leads rather than follows,” states Tod Bierling, CEO of Enviro-Master Services. “By integrating advanced monitoring capabilities into our services, we continue to redefine standards and exceed expectations, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead.”

The launch of the Enviro-Safe app underscores Enviro-Master’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve health and safety standards in commercial environments and offering businesses across various sectors the tools they need to ensure a safe, efficient, and compliant operation.

To learn more about the Enviro-Safe app, contact Dave Goodwin at dgoodwin@em-clt.com.


About Enviro-Master

Enviro-Master is a leading health and safety franchise company specializing in comprehensive solutions for businesses nationwide. With a commitment to cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental sustainability, Enviro-Master delivers a range of services, including commercial power washing, commercial window cleaning, and commercial restroom hygiene, to promote safe and healthy business environments.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Enviro-Master, visit https://franchise.enviro-master.com/.

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